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Veronika Kaiping


project-title – product design

showerheand is a shower head which is held in the hand while showering. Its shape and functions reduce the consumption of hot water (warm water pollutes the environment, depending on how hot and long we take a shower, the CO2 load increases) without diminishing the relaxing effect of showering. The targeted irradiation with water through the hands also strengthens the awareness of your own body. Based on the built-in sensors, the water pressure and thus the consumption of hot water can be regulated by the distance to the body. The closer the device is to the skin, the lower the pressure of the water. This technique can also be used to comfortably cleanse sensitive or injured areas of the body. The shape and materiality of the water glands also has a massaging effect. showerheand lies comfortably in the hand and does not restrict any movement. The actual task was to develop a household item for people between the ages of 50 and 60 in 10 years but after developing the concept of a showerhead I realized that this item would be better used for caregiving. The additional free hand will help the caretaker to cope better with her patients - especially if they have equilibrium disorders or anxiety.

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