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Veronika Kaiping


moringa seed filter – product design

As the Moringa tree grows in Nepal, it's seeds can be a feasible option to purify water in that coutry. The Moringa seeds, which can be extracted from the pods have to be dried and crushed before putting them in the moringa seed filter. The filter is a small device consisting of two parts, wich can be screwed together, allowing the cleaning of the filter as well as the changing of the seed powder easily and quickly. Three sieves control the flow rate of the water, giving the seeds enough time to absorb harmful bacteria. The filter can be screwed to jerry cans and with an adapter it can be screwed to regular water bottles which are easy to find in Nepal since there is no bottle return service. The moringa seed filter can be carried around due to it's small size and is therefore also inexpensive to produce. The only additional part Nepalese people would require, is the Moringa tree, which is a sustainable resource and whose parts can also be used to help with malnutrition and health problems.

Here are the winning projects of the Where There Is No Engineer competition 2017. This project was one of the 13 that made it through the Regional Finals and were presented in front of a number of judges.

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